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Special Characters

Another thing I’m constantly Googling myself silly over are the HTML codes for special characters such as Registered Trademark (®) or feminine Ordinal (ª). Here are a few more and a link to a massive list of them.

&ndash ; – en dash
&mdash ; — em dash
&nbsp ;   nonbreaking space
&iexcl ; ¡ inverted exclamation
&cent ; ¢ cent sign
&pound ; £ pound sterling
&curren ; ¤ general currency sign
&yen ; ¥ yen sign
&brvbar ; or &brkbar ; ¦ broken vertical bar
&sect ; § section sign
&uml ; or &die ; &#168 ; ¨ umlaut
&copy ; © copyright
&ordf ; ª feminine ordinal
&laquo ; « left angle quote
&not ; ¬ not sign
&shy ; ­ soft hyphen
&reg ; ® registered trademark
&macr ; or &hibar ; ¯ macron accent

Many more to be found here – Wired WebMonkey

We’ve all been there…

I’m willing to bet that any designer or developer I know has had clients like these. I know it can be hard for some people who have a good idea of what they want in their heads to vocalise these thoughts into tangible briefs. That’s fine and a fact of life for a freelancer. There are others, however, who don’t quite “get it”. Lo and behold, some skilful types have visualised these “difficult” requests to great effect…

We want it to look like this but don’t copy it, just make it different enough but keep it the same!